Little Santa

Little Santa - Jon Agee

This story was amazing! I mean it was creative, it was fun, it had depth and I loved the storyline.  This one is definitely a keeper!!   I never gave it much thought about Santa being a child.  My grandfather played Santa for years at the fire station in the small town where he lived and the kids around town flocked to him.  There would be lines outside the door as he made his entrance from the fire truck when it came to a stop.   I would think to myself, this man is my grandfather, yet these children thought he was magical and would grant them their wishes.  Passing out trinkets, candy and fruit from his nickel-and-dime store in brown sacks, handing each of them a candy cane just for stopping by, he had the touch.  Did they even stop to think that he was man that they bought their candy and overalls from?  No he was Santa, a man and not a child….. for who thinks of Santa as a child? 


This book had me smiling as Santa the child finds hope and entertainment in life.  A snowstorm leaves his miserable family trapped but Santa immediately takes matters into his own hands and decides he will go for help.  With a ho, ho, ho Santa discovers a flying reindeer, a houseful of elves who are very talented and before long Santa is back home with his family.  It’s a happy, adventurous story and a story that children will definitely love.

I want to thank YABC for a copy of this novel for I received this book as a part of 12 Days of Christmas. This is my own opinion of this children’s book.