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We Are The Ants

We Are The Ants - Shaun David Hutchinson

I have mixed feeling about this book; I was pumped about it as it seemed to have many of the things I loved inside of it. It had imagination, it had heartache, it had friendships, and it had characters who were trying to find themselves.   What I liked most about this novel was the characters, the secondary characters. I believe that they completed the story for me. There were plenty of these characters to choose from inside this story such as Henry’s brother and his girlfriend, Charlie and Zooey, who were dealing with their own crisis. It was Zooey’s happy and optimistic outlook that influenced others and her boyfriend Charlie; he was still young at heart and was trying to find a balance between adulthood and his youth.   Grandma, oh I loved Nana. Her illness was taking her mind but she still had moments where she still present and able to connect with others. The times when her disease had taken her mind, I had to laugh, I know that I shouldn’t but what she said or she did was just not expected. Audrey, the more I got to know her, the more I liked her and thought what a great friend she would be for Henry. She was everything a best friend would be and as I read, I was moved at what had transpired between them. Diego, I thought he had potential, if only someone would give him a chance. Marcus, I disliked him from the moment that Henry introduced him. As Henry built his relationship with him, I cringed as I thought in the back of my mind something was not right with this guy. I just don’t like cocky-guys. That leaves me with Henry, the main character. I was annoyed with Henry.   I got tired of him contemplating his end-of-the-world issues. It seemed relentless and I know it was a huge issue for him but he could have tried something else besides just thinking about it over and over again. Should I end the world or not, should I end the world or not, should I end the world or not? It just got old to me.   Buddy, make a list with the positives and negatives and think it over. Roll some dice. I also thought he was a bit judgmental with others in his relationships with them. I feel that he expects everyone to be open and honest about everything yet he doesn’t do this himself and later, when everything gets laid out the table, he is the one with the hurt feelings. What about them Henry?  I did feel sorry for Henry as he was bullied for most of his life and it ate at him. It tore him apart inside and tried to appear tough on the outside but if you knew him you saw he was crumbling. I thought the writing was good but there were parts I thought that just dragged on.