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Agenda 21: Into the Shadows

Agenda 21: Into the Shadows - Glenn Beck

I remember devouring the first book in this series and I really wanted to follow up and see what had happened. It is now twenty years in the future and some individuals do not know what a free country is. They are used to be held under control, being told what to do but for a few individuals they want their freedom back and fleeing the compound and living out in the forest is what they desire. John has been tasting freedom for a while as he has secretly cut a hole in the fence and has been sneaking outside the compound for brief periods of time without anyone’s knowledge. This hole is how David and his family escaped with another young child Micah, who David’s wife has befriended. They were not prepared for the world outside the fence but they are determined to survive for the world is not as bleak as the powers inside the fence portrayed it to be. John and Joan escape soon afterwards to seek after the individuals who have just escaped for they are relatives and they fear for their safety. A group of Earth Protection Agency individuals are sent out to apprehend the escapees and Steven the commander, is determined to return them one way or another.   There are others hidden among the trees, others who have escaped when they gathered everyone and put up the walls for they have been living out in the forest for the past twenty years. There are also individuals working in the fields outside the fence, growing the crops for the food cubes for the individuals living in the compound. David and his family cannot survive without assistance but where will that assistance come from?


I enjoyed all the angles that the story arrives from as I read further, these angles propel the story forward and keep the momentum going.   There was something about this story that I noticed. I really enjoyed reading it, it brought closure to many issues but I thought the storyline was simple. There wasn’t a lot of complicated information to unfold, nor were there subplots to figure out or thousands of intrigued pieces to put together. I really loved this and it was nice to go on a manhunt and also run from authorities.  I feel that to really enjoy this novel, you should read the first book in this series as it sets everything up and I really enjoyed it.