In Real Life

In Real Life - Jessica  Love

As I finished reading this novel, I had to come to grips with what I had just read, this book was simply breathtaking. My heart was pounding as I closed the final pages for I had just witnessed something amazing. This book was dramatic, beautiful and one of my hair-dryer novels. The anticipation stretched from scene to scene, the tension building and I hoped for the best but as reality kicked in the characters had to come to grips with what their reality really was. I loved how the author set up the story, Nick and Hannah built their relationship on disguised concepts. Four years they had been responding to each other daily without one physical contact. Living over 250 miles apart they had not once seen each other in person. Four years! They allegedly labeled their relationship as a friendship yet inside their emotions were saying something else. You could feel it in the writing; their connection appeared to be something more as the author shares some of their personal feelings.   They struggle to understand their relationship and its future. It was these emotions and tensions that encompassed this novel that I loved, I was fueled by them and the pages of the novel turned more quickly then I wanted.


Nick and Hannah had a perfect friendship, marked by 274 miles between them. Hannah decides to surprise Nick during her spring break and catch his band’s performance with her older sister and her best friend. This will be Nick and Hannah’s first physical encounter since their relationship began four years ago. Talking every day, they never run out of things to say and the two of them know more about each other than anyone, they are a perfect match. They each want to move their relationship further, yet they still remain friends. The anticipations build immediately as there Hannah starts to have second thoughts and she begins to reflect of how this encounter will transpire, if she goes.   Words cannot explain how excited and how nervous I start to feel for Hannah at this moment. There are no do-overs and this moment will change their relationship forever, if she goes. I was not expecting what occurred during the rest of the novel, I was captivated and felt totally in love with the novel. It was real; it brought out the worse and the best in people. I will definitely be reading this novel again for I loved it for its originality and for allowing me to climb inside its pages and escape for a while. This is definitely a great read!


Thank you NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for sending me this novel to read in exchange for an honest review.