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Contra (The Omni Duology Book 2) - Andrea Murray

This is the second book in this series and I jumped right in, not having read the first novel which was okay, after I got myself organized. It took me a bit to fully understand the storyline but I think it really had to do with all the characters that were integrated inside this story. Using a multitude of characters, the author creates various storylines weaving them around the same account for which I had a hard time keeping them separated.   I finally decided to make myself a cheat sheet so I could finally enjoy the novel and this worked wonderfully. The author did a great job briefing me on the information that was contained inside the first book in this series but I feel that I would have had a deeper passion and been more prepared for the disputes and the relationships had I read the first novel.


Harmony and Pierce were the perfect couple; they had made the citizens happy. When Pierce vanished, his whereabouts were a mystery. It’s a mystery that too many individuals have their sights on and want a piece of. It’s a fight for power, a fight to prove themselves, a fight to settle a score and sometimes it’s a fight to advance their careers …..either way, to find Pierce and bring him back to Omni is not just about helping the citizens, it’s about these individuals helping themselves. The government wants Pierce back and now everyone has their own reason to bring him back. To observe these conspirators, they put up a good front they looked to be doing their jobs for the country but their rational is far from respectable. Gathering in small groups, they plot their intentions while Harmony arranges her own plan.   Holding strong feeling toward Pierce, she take great risks to fast-track the plan the two of them had devised earlier. Could Harmony be harboring information about Pierce and the fire in his cubicle? As they plot to find Pierce, this notion puts Harmony in harm’s way as they begin to track Pierce. I enjoyed the character of Harmony, being a successful actress, she was used to being cared for but throughout the novel, she matures and becomes a much stronger and outspoken individual. She was not afraid to step off her podium and experience life and get herself dirty. I liked that about her. This novel has plenty of entertainment value with the history of the individuals coming into play, the characters constantly plotting against one another and their constant strive to achieve the ultimate goal.  

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest opinion.