This One Summer

This One Summer - Mariko Tamaki, Jillian Tamaki

I did it! I took the dive and jumped into my first graphic novel, did I like it….definitely not. I was greatly disappointment and not impressed at all. The graphics were okay, but I seriously got tired of looking at all the shades of blue by the time the book was finished. I did enjoy all the details that were captured within each illustration: the faces looked real and characters came alive.  The story itself was all over the place and I felt as if I was switching channels on a television set. The characters were consuming sugar, they complained, they ate Twizzlers two at a time, their parents were fighting, they were complaining some more, they rented videos, they talked about sex, they rented more videos, did I mention they complained? They complained and whined continuously over the most tedious things. I also found that there was too much cussing for me inside this novel. I usually don’t mention or have a problem with swearing but this novel contained too many swear words that I felt didn’t really need to be added. Time to find another graphic novel, I have a few other ones on my TBR list.