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Way Back From Broken

The Way Back from Broken (Fiction - Young Adult) - Amber J. Keyser

This wasn’t one of those amazing reads that captured my attention from page one. Actually as I began reading it, I couldn’t figure out why I chose this book to begin with as the beginning was slow and depressing, more depressing than I normally like and believe me, I like down-and-out novels. There had to be a reason why I chose this novel and as I dug deeper into it, I figured it out. The true essence of the novel’s activities occurs in the last third of the book, as two of the main characters make major discoveries in their lives. Throughout the story, the characters faced many emotions as they come to terms with the struggles that life throws at them. Trying to face these struggles alone, they realize that they are not alone and that working together they are stronger.


Rakman attend support group with his mother. The support group is for individuals who have lost a loved one. The children assembled in the basement, trying to drown out the cries from their mothers above.   Jacey and her mother just joined, her mother’s sorrow consumes her, and Jacey has taken to Rakman, literally following him around like a dog. She’s younger than Rakman and I visualize that she saw in Rakman a big brother, someone she could look up to. The sorrow is thick inside this building as Rakman tries to keep the noise level high in the basement to keep the cries from hitting the children’s ears. Rakman can’t find a job for the summer but Jacey’s mother wants to take a trip to Canada to clear her head and Jacey wants Rakman to go. Rakman’s parents like the idea for they need some time alone to come to terms over their own loss. Rakman begs not to go for there are things here at home he will miss and two months away is a long time. His parents win out and they make the trip sounds wonderful but when they arrive at Jacey’s uncle’s cabin, the sight is not what they had imagined.   Cleaning is superficial and what lies beneath takes its toll overtime. It becomes an adventure for the three of them, au large. For me, the story really began here as the three of them began the real journey. Testing their strengths and finding out who they really were. Stepping on toes and pushing aside their limitations.   It was an okay story, I would take it or leave it.