My Kind Of Crazy

My Kind of Crazy - Robin Reul

It all started with flames, Hank was just looking for a unique way to get a date for prom but catching a tree on fire was not in his original plans. Leaving the scene of the fire without getting a date wasn’t in the plans either. Hank didn’t expect Peyton to walk into his life that night either for it was Amanda who he was extending his prom invitation to, the girl who saw the dark figure of a boy fleeing from her yard. It began as a simple situation, the author started threading this scenario and casting the characters together and I found myself deeply involved inside the lives of Peyton and Hank. Amanda is the one everyone desires but Peyton is the one who catches Hank’s eye, as she’s different. It’s amazing he hadn’t seen her before. Peyton, she’s the girl with the carefree attitude, her own unique clothing style and her fascination with matchbooks. Then there’s Hank, he’s quiet but he has a lot on his mind. He’s the boy no one sees, he’s quite talented and he would like a future but he knows he must help his father pay the bills. I loved the pace of the story, how it gradually built up and the characters lives became more familiar. Looking inside the lives of Hank and Peyton, I wasn’t sure whose life was harder. Not the typical life that a teen should be living but the two of them were making the best of it and knowing that their high school years were almost over and turning eighteen might bring them different opportunities. Hank and Peyton are the only two who know exactly what happen the night of Hank’s prom proposal but as the two of them become better friends, they realize they both have other similar secrets in their lives. What I enjoyed about their relationship was the discreetness for one another. Sounds weird but they were bonded by a single event but other situations in their lives were now tying them together, some good and some not so good and all around them there were peers effecting them and soon everything started to become complicated, yet inside them…..they knew. This was a wonderful novel; one that demonstrates that sometimes what you set out to do might not what you’re truly meant to do. This is a must read for 2016, don’t pass this novel up.

I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Sourcebooks Fire in exchange for an honest opinion.