Me Before You

Me Before You - Jojo Moyes

What a rollercoaster ride! This novel took me on an amazing ride and I can see why it was a New York Times Bestseller. Reading along, there were times I felt like Louisa and I was determined to do what seemed right and other times, I jumped the track and I saw how things looked from the approaching side. I was hanging, just like the rest of the characters as Louisa tried her best to change the situation. It was this waiting that continually crept up on me as I read. What if it didn’t work out and it all came tumbling down? What about the emotion wreckage and the turmoil for all the parties should it fail? Yet, what if she succeeds, what would happen to the two of them? Could a serious relationship occur? What would happen to Louisa and her current boyfriend then? As I read, these thoughts hung in my head and I explored the possibilities and I hoped for the best, but what actually would be the best outcome?


Louise was determined as she started the new job and I had to give her credit, for Lewis’ belligerent behavior was more than I would have been able to handle. Louise was an outstanding character with a fantastic personality. She enjoyed life and had an enormous heart. I loved all the relationships that she had inside this novel.   Each of them motivated her, making her become the person that she was. She was hired to be an extra set of hands and to keep Lewis company but he already had an agenda set forth. Lewis had a timetable set in place, for he was a recent quadriplegic: a label that he could not shake.   Louisa wanted Lewis to see that there was more to life but Lewis only saw his label. This story is filled with moments that will make you angry, moments that will make you laugh and smile and moments where you will want to scream but in the end, you will end you will enjoy the ride.  I really enjoyed this story and I now see that this is a series, so this month, I will now be reading book two.