Just Like Me

Just Like Me - Nancy J. Cavanaugh

Competition galore! Excitement was in the air for Beca and Avery, as they again are headed off for summer church camp. Julia is forced to go this year; her mother’s big idea. The three girls who were adopted from the same orphanage will be attending camp together and Julia agreed to journaling to their adoption agency while she was there. Julia takes this assignment seriously and her reflections to the questions were honest and sincere and when she writes down her own reflections in the journal, they give the readers a deeper understanding of the character of Julia.


Arriving at the camp, the girls discover that they will be bunking with their archenemy from the previous year and the competition does not cease.   Merridth and Vanessa have brought along a cousin, Gina which just adds to the tension inside the cabin. The camp has competitions and contests with each cabin competing again each other but White Oak cabin is having a hard time bonding. The girl inside White Oak, their bickering, it’s typical and it was real. I could see it and I could feel the tension in the air and unfortunately I loved it. Their counselor tried to stay out of it because she knew they had to work it out on their own and then there was one amongst them, which was even more trouble.   She was evil and I didn’t understand why but it added to the drama. These girls needed to pull it together if they wanted to win the competition this year but the clock was ticking.

I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Sourcebooks Jabberwocky in exchange for an honest review.