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Young Man With a Camera

Young Man with Camera - Emil Sher, David Wyman

There was so much to like about this book. I loved how he captured images with his camera, and his thoughts about the world showed that he was a boy who was older than his thirteen years. As I read, I was writing down a few of his thoughts as I thought they were outstanding. He was a boy with a scar, a boy who was bullied because he was different so he viewed the world differently and he viewed others for who they were. Being harassed by Ryan and his gang of followers, he tried to stay away from them but they followed him.   His friendship with Lucy the homeless woman was priceless and I loved how he brought out the best in her and was able to capture her on film. I would have loved to see his room in the Vault for like T said, “photographs might reveal more than the person being photographed would want to tell,” and to see rows of his photos arranged by theme would be like viewing a small gallery of someone’s unique work. What someone captures and brings to film, captures more than just an image, it captures everything for that moment. Time was a weird concept in this novel and I didn’t quite understand why the author chooses to play with this theme. T leads a secluded life, a life with Sean his best friend and a life behind the lens of a camera. I felt he could have done more and it bothered me that with his with his talent and his great mind and voice, he didn’t use it.   Didn’t they need a photographer at school or didn’t they have an extracurricular class that he could take involving film? When the incident behind the Vault occurred, I felt as if this was an opportunity for T to make a difference, to step up and yet I waited. Page after page, the frustration built inside of me as I wanted something else to occur than what was transpiring on the pages inside the novel. I finished the book in the parking lot before I walked into school for the day to begin work, I was frustrated, the ending angered me and I hated it. I had to retell the story to office staff as I signed in for the day as I couldn’t let this novel die; it had the power to soar but the ending seriously died for me. I will remember the photos which were included in this novel, his relationship with Lucy and his comments about photographs as they do capture more than just an image.