The Art of Mending

— feeling sad
The Art of Mending - Elizabeth Berg

This book started out strong, with great characters and a plot that I became invested in very quickly but then it all fell apart before my eyes. I really don’t know what happened, I tried rereading but nothing helped me put the story back together. The beginning was smooth and established the scenario and then as I continued reading, I felt as if I had missed parts of the story, as if someone pulled out complete paragraphs of the author’s content, leaving me in the dark. It was so frustrating and I felt like Steve, the brother in the novel.   The main character did make a reference to Lost Lake, a novel that I had just finished reading. She replied that it was one of the best books that she has ever read and I have agree that it is a great novel.


The characters in the story are adults now and Caroline wants her brother and her sister to meet up with her to discuss their childhood when they go to their parent’s house in a few weeks. They each have married at least once, had children of their own or moved on but they have become their own person.   Caroline wants to validate a few items that she feels have occurred to her while growing up. Her sister Laura and her brother Steve each have their own opinion of Caroline and when they hear this request, an assumption is already forming. As the families arrive to their homestead, their mother and father await them. Health issues take precedence but Caroline is persistent is getting her issues out on the table. Things started to fall apart for me as I read and I really wanted to understand why Caroline was so disturbed.   Emotions ran strong, confusion and/or denial seeped through and the characters tried to bring her issues from the past back.   This is one book that I had to put down without closure.