The Flood Girls

The Flood Girls - Richard Fifield

Magnificent! Bravo! I just finished reading this novel and my eyes have now cleared and I can see my computer again. What an outstanding conclusion, one that spoke volumes for the people of Quinn. The town of Quinn, if you happened to drive into town, you’d be meet with some of the most outspoken, outlandish and unique individuals you have ever meet. It’s a small town where gossip is cheap, liquor brings the people together and your past haunts you.


Opening the novel, I found myself with Frank as he calls to the cats around his trailer park using his harmonic, same time and same place, every day. This town likes consistency and order. Twelve-year old Jake would watch from his roof next door, stretched out in a lawn chair watching the scene unfold. Frank and Jake had a special bond, these two were watchers and everyday they were in their own world, yet they were together. I really fell for these two, they had something special and sometimes no words had to be spoken. When Rachel returns to her hometown, most of the citizens are not happy to see her including her mother. Returning to a town where alcohol is part of the entertainment, Rachel is now in AA and she is trying to make amends for her previous actions. I can see immediately where Rachel’s loose behavior and outspoken voice have sprouted from, as her mother Laverna is quite a bold individual. This assertive woman is not afraid to speak her mind with her rude, over-bearing remarks. There were times I was embarrassed to read what was coming from her mouth and other times, she had me in stitches, you just never knew what was going to come out of her mouth. Owning one of the two pubs in town and coaching the woman’s softball league, The Flood Girls, Laverna left her mark throughout the town.  


The novel is about more than The Flood Girls as Rachel tries to make amends for her past. As I finally got comfortable with the writings of the author, I began to follow Rachel in her journey to rediscover the town of Quinn and make restitution. People don’t change much over time and their opinions don’t necessarily change especially if you have injured a part of them. Rachel left with a reputation and the town still sees that girl. Moving into her father’s old trailer, she becomes friends with Jake. Jake with his suits, his ties, and his fancy shoes where other teens are wearing shorts and t-shirts, she sees Jake for what he is. Jake filled my heart with his style, with his way of looking at the world and with his way of just watching. The day of Jake’s thirteenth birthday had to be one of the most special parts of this book for me.


I would pay to go see a game played by The Flood Girls; the entertainment value would be priceless. The author’s descriptions had me grinning and laughing as she describes the team. Their uniforms or lack of uniforms, their attempts at the game, the girl’s demeanor and their coach’s attitude, and let’s not forget about the fans.  All of this was  part of this entertainment value and made them, the famous Flood Girls.  I really enjoyed this novel, the glimpse inside the town of Quinn.   I will miss the sticky floors of The Dirty Shame, the Sinclairs, I wonder what will happen to Rachel but most of all, I will miss Jake and his thrift shop treasures.


I received an ecopy of this novel from NetGalley and Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books in exchange for an honest review. I also received a physical copy of this novel in a Goodreads giveaway- thanks Gallery books!