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Rebel Bully Geek Pariah

Rebel Bully Geek Pariah - Erin Jade Lange

I really love The Breakfast Club and when I read the synopsis and it mentioned that it had an undertone like it, I was all in. After reading the story, I found there were some similarities but they ran thin.   I was looking for the deep thoughts and the provoking messages that The Breakfast Club provided to me but this novel didn’t bring me that. The novel did provided to me four different individuals, who were stuck in the same predicament, who needed to come together to decide how they were going to resolve the issues at hand. I enjoyed the writing and the attention to details and to the issues that I was thinking about. These were addressed by the author and my questions were answered, I love it when an author handles the smallest of details.


The character of Sam knows the most about life and I felt attached to her throughout the novel. She was one of the characters that you want to survive in the slasher movies, the one that you would want to win in a contest, just because she is not afraid of bearing herself for all to see. Boston and his brother got on my nerves a few times, their constant bickering and power-to-the-top leadership that they were trying to achieve within their own family got tiring after awhile. I understand sibling rivalry but under the circumstances, just give it up!  Andi, now she was something. I think she was searching for something and it might have been Sam, had they been under different circumstances. I liked her as I thought she was original but I wondered what was really inside.


The story moves quickly and it doesn’t take long before I was involved inside the happening of these four individuals.   It began with a party and escalates to a stolen vehicle. That sounds bad enough but the drama multiplies and the individuals involved can’t stop long enough to gather their thoughts.   Just when things slow down for the foursome and the teens get a plan in place, something else occurs and they have to rethink their plan.   Listening to their thinking, you see how their lives are different and how their lives shaped them into who they are.   I enjoyed this novel.

I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Bloomsbury Children’s Books in exchange for an honest opinion.