The Doll's House

The Doll's House - M.J. Arlidge

This story was fantastic, the striking drama and the author’s details created a powerful story that centered on criminal activities that were realistically portrayed and made me craving more from this author. There was one reference in the story that just didn’t sit well with me but overall this story was great. The author kept the story moving and building in intensity and depth until the very end – the making of a superb novel. Ruby makes a wonderful victim, with her attitude and her intellect as she doesn’t throw in the towel as she is held captive by the man who refers to her as Summer.   The novel gets creepy as she plays along with the world he feels he lives in and I had to wonder why his other victims did not survive. The police who are investigating this case have their own drama occurring back at the office and it flows into this case causing rifts. I will read more by this author as I enjoyed his writing.


I really wanted to love this novel but I was cautiously reading it, scrutinizing every word as I read it just wondering when the storyline was going to change. I found unfortunately that there weren’t any notions to tell me when the storylines were changing in the novel and I found myself getting lost; having to reread sections to get myself back on track and this took away from the enjoyment of the novel. I was not grasping all the intensity, nor the drama and the excitement that was occurring and it was frustrating. Had the story had one storyline, it would have been fine but this story did not and reading a novel of this caliber, I was inclined to read it with intensity but unfortunately I just couldn’t. Reading slowly, I felt I missing a really great story. I lowered my rating from a 5 to a 4 because of this issue.

Thank you NetGalley and Berkley Publishing Group for providing me with a copy of this novel for me to read in exchange for an honest opinion.