On Edge: A Freerunner Mystery

On Edge: A Freerunner Mystery - Gin Price

This book was not what I had anticipated, it was way better. I was caught in the middle of a “who-did-It” and I felt it wasn’t who the characters were suspecting but heck when it all came tumbling down; I was left shaking my head. Ah, I loved it! I will call her Ellie as she had so many nicknames depending on who her current companion was, but Ellie was smitten with Haze.   Haze was from the rival school so they had to keep their relationship secret or there was going to be a trouble. These rival schools were forced to merge together as there was not enough money to keep everyone afloat. Putting two rival schools together inside another school that was already dealing with gangs, a shooting and other issues was not a good mix. Everyone was just waiting for someone to make a move.  Ellie’s talent is parkour and Haze wanted to learn it. Having no idea myself on this skill, I was surprised by the intensity and expertise one might need to undertake such a technique. Ellie has Surge, one of her friends help her teach Haze parkour at night, as it is much safer this way. Haze is a talented graffiti writer and as I read about this art, I learned about style and technique that each specific artist has. Ellie’s father is gone for long periods of time and her brother Warp, assumes the role of her father, a job he takes seriously. Haze and Ellie are careful about their relationship but it isn’t long before someone has created a graffiti image of Ellie on the side of a wall. Fingers are being pointed and accusations are being spread about who the artist was and they’re sure about this artist’ style. Everyone is thrown into the mix, people feel that they have the answer and the voices get louder and louder.   Their relationship can no longer be hidden and there are so many feeling being played out on the table. Betrayal, hatred, anger and then there is Haze and Ellie own feelings about their relationship.


I was caught up in the writing, trying to decipher who was behind all this commotion. Who was doing the graffiti, what was their purpose in causing this rif inside the school and how did they know about this relationship of Haze and Ellie? There seemed to be no clear-cut pattern and the confusion of the characters was wonderful as it helped me in my own confusion. I enjoyed the book, I thought the writing was good, great intensity especially in the middle of the novel. The ending of the novel was a bit drawn out, a bit wordy for me. I highly recommend this novel.


I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Poisoned Pen Press in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for sending me this copy to read.