The Edge of Lost

The Edge of Lost - Kristina McMorris

It was Shan’s character that pulled me into this novel and I just couldn’t get enough of him. This story fascinated me as what I found inside was more than what I had anticipated. I found depth and a journey through the eyes of young man who was determined to create a life for himself. The cover of the novel said nothing for what the book held, the cover was deceptive.   Shan wanted a family, a family besides the uncle who collected on him and used the money to make illegal drink. Shan wanted to be loved by someone besides the uncle who had a bad temper. Shan was determined to get want he wanted and what he wanted was to get to America to find his father, John Lewis.  Shan got to America, the Land of Opportunity but things didn’t go as he planned yet Shan made things happen. On the boat to America, he befriends Nick and this relationship is a lifesaver to both of the boys over time. Shan resorts to his talent that he had in Ireland but things are not the same here in America so Shan must look to other means to survive.   Nick must also find work, these boys are so different yet their paths cross repeatedly through life. It was a remarkable read as it was the time of the prohibition, mobs and bootlegging and I was taken back in time as I read. I enjoyed her writing and will definitely be reading more from her in the future.