Out of the Woods : A True Story of an Unforgettable Event

Out of the Woods: A True Story of an Unforgettable Event - Rebecca Bond

Imagine seeing wolves, bears, bobcats and townsfolk all standing in a lake, watching as a fire consumes the forest around them. Imagine all the forest animals converging on a lake, while the individuals who resided in a nearby town stand, some up to their knees, in that same lake as a fire crackles all around them. They stood close enough to touch each other as the steam rises off the animal’s fur yet no one stirs. The air black and thick, it was hard to tell day from night. The attendees stand watching and waiting, the noise of the beast is fierce. The sky began to lighten and the creatures began to slowly make their way back into what is left of their homes. What a devastating, yet wonderful scene has just been played out. This is a true event; this story has been passed down throughout the generations. What a wonderful bedtime story, this whole book of Antonio and his life in 1914, when he was only five years old. Out of the Woods by Rebecca Bond was a wonderful read. As his mother ran the hotel in Gowganda, Antonio became a part of the hotel. The workers became his friends, the lives that the guests lived intrigued him and the world outside his door held lots of adventures. The illustrations were done wonderfully, casting a gloomy picture as things started to deteriorate around the lake.   I loved the colors and the details of the characters and the animals. Definitely a book to check out.