Float - Daniel Miyares, Daniel Miyares

This book brought back memories of floating paper boats and sticks down the street gulley when I was a kid. I remembered jamming up the street grates with leaves so our “floats” would ride onto the next street. Twirling and swirling, this was a race to see whose “float “would make it the furthest. We’d always try to grab the leaves out of each other’s grates or we’d sabotage each other’s nice stream with a rock or another major hurdle but in the end, we’d be right back up at the top of the street ready to do it again laughing and bragging to each other how we were going to win “this time.”


That is one thing about wordless books, they let you think. There is nothing to hold you back as you wander through their pictures; you see things inside the illustrations you might not have seen had you had words to distract you. Just like having a book with words without pictures. You create your own illustrations inside these books. Inside Float, I saw myself as a child, floating many boats and sinking many boats. The boy inside this children’s book, he creates his own boat from a piece of newspaper. He takes it outside and he watches it, as it zips along after the rain stops. The boat gets away from him and he must retrieve it, as it was his boat and his adventure. Finding his boat, it no longer resembles what it first was and the boy returns home. Finding newspaper, he begins again, another adventure awaits and where with that lead him.