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I read almost every genre & I enjoy venturing into unfamiliar territory. As a library volunteer, I'm constantly bringing home novels. Being a substitute teacher, I read lots of YA & children's books.  

The Sleeper and the Spindle

The Sleeper and the Spindle - Neil Gaiman, Chris Riddell

What wonderful illustrations! Before I read this book, I thumbed through its pages just admiring the images. The illustrator’s work was incredible with his use of multiple lines and wonderful details on every page. The faces of the characters and the webbing that coated the sleepers as they sleep really caught my attention.

For it’s off to Dorimar for the three dwarfs to buy the finest silk for the Queen. Within the week, the Queen will be wed. On their journey, the three stop at an inn where the innkeeper warns them that they need to turnaround and leave quickly.   Shopping is not in their future. Sleep has come to the countryside and it will soon be upon the Inn, they must leave now. It was caused by a witch, a bad fairy, an enchantress; everyone has their own version on what to call this enchanted being that initiated this havoc. She was angry when she cast her spell, firing down her curse which individuals have tried to break unsuccessfully. Returning, the Queen listens as the dwarfs explain the enchanted sleep to her. Immediately putting her things in order so she may leave, she follows the dwarfs back to the Inn where they discover everyone is sleeping.   Their journey is just beginning for them as they try to find where this curse originated and if they can put a stop to it. A great fairytale that I really enjoyed.