Rhyme Schemer

Rhyme Schemer - K A Holt

What’s it like when a bully ends up being bullied by others?  That’s just one of the many lessons you might find inside this little novel by K.A. Holt. Written in verse, Kevin is cruel in his comments with just about everyone he meets. His parents seem too busy to take notice of him and to Kevin, everything is just a joke. He gets caught for his behavior and he faces punishment but he doesn’t change. He leaves reconstructed papers in the hallway for all to see; these words of poetry catching the attention of everyone, his lovely works of art. His friend secretly begs him to be this Poetry Bandit, a rising star among his peers. There is something about this new identity that Kevin can’t reveal. Kevin keeps notes inside a journal and one day, this journal gets lost. You can imagine what happens in Kevin’s world as the words written in his journal are out there for someone else to read.  

I reflected after reading this novel about the power of words. Words need to be spoken but the tone and how your string your words together really matter. Make your words constructive and not destructive against others. They say, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all and I don’t believe this saying to be accurate. I think it all depends on how you approach the person, how you say your words and who you are talking to. It was an interesting novel, not too heavy and it was straight to the point.