Home Alone

Home Alone: The Classic Illustrated Storybook - Kim Smith

Who does not love the original Home Alone? I think our family has parts of this movie memorized and when our kids were growing up we watched this religiously. I’m not sure what part I like the best, would it be the relationship with the neighbor, or the part when Kevin sets the traps, or when Kevin goes shopping by himself or when he’s reunited with his family? There are many great moments in this movie. When I saw this book, I immediately knew I had to see it for myself. With only   pages, I had to wonder what parts of the movie they had left out. I was worried that they would not do the movie the justice it deserved. Well readers, if you liked the movie you will like this children’s book. It does not have the depth that the movie has but it does hold the sentimental value and the excitement that you felt as you watched the movie. It touched on all the great parts of the movie that I held deep and loved and it brought it to a storybook that I could look at and enjoy. There is not the depth of the burglars (Harry and Marv) but as I read along I remembered the movie and I heard the songs as if the movie was playing somewhere in another room. I really loved the illustrations and the font and text – they did an excellent job with this children’s book. The after-shave lotion on Kevin’s face and the Old Man Marley, his dark and mystery look, so perfect for the story.   If you love the original Home Alone, I suggest you check out this book, it’s definitely worth it.