Families, Families, Families!

Families, Families, Families! - Suzanne Lang

This is a great book about diversity. The question is what actually constitutes a family? Can it include your aunt, your grandparents, your plant, and your cousins? This book explains that as long as these individuals love each other they are your family, so anything goes including your stepsis and your llama, if you have one. Using crazy animals, this author shows children that your family can include all sorts of different situations and that any combination is okay as long as there is love in the household. Most of the individuals portrayed inside this children’s book are realistic but a few of them the author throws in to make the book fun, for example the robot butler and a rose. I feel this author covered an exceptional amount of different parenting options that are practiced today. Most children will be able to relate to something within this book whether it is the adults they live with or the other individuals residing with them or the other items the author decided to include inside this great entertaining book. It really is a cute book that should be shared with children as children need to see that not everyone is the same but everyone should be accepted for who they are.