Waiting or not

Waiting by Kevin Henkes (2015-09-01) - Kevin Henkes;

Who likes waiting? Most people don’t. It’s boring and its wastes time. After reading this children’s book, I don’t really believe these characters are waiting, I believe they are watching, watching the world around them. They are enjoying the scenery outside the window, enjoying where they were at and ready for whatever happens next. They are content hanging out with each other. The text tells us that they were each waiting for different things: owl wanted the moon, pig wanted rain, bear wanted the wind, the puppy wanted snow and the rabbit was waiting for anything to happen.   As each event occurred, the friends were happy and as their days progressed, they always remained together. They loved that window as it showed them many exciting things.   Others came and joined them at the window, some stayed and some left, the window seemed to be a perfect spot to be together.

The softness of the illustrations and colors used created a peacefulness within this story. The illustrations added a great deal to this story and that is a big reason why I liked this children’s book so much. It told a great story of friendship, of a life so pure and natural. The brown font and the text were perfect for this story also as it simple but its story was sincere.   Another excellent book by Kevin Henkes.