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In The Company of Wolves ll: Follow The Raven

In The Company of Wolves II: Follow The Raven - James Michael Larranaga
  I liked the variety of themes that James pulled together in this novel to make this novel stand out. Native American history, family ties, mental illness and paranormal activity all flowed together throughout this novel as FBI Agent Quinn addresses a cold case that needs closure. This is a personal case for Quinn involving close relatives including one who has been missing for years. Quinn has quite a reputation for being a tracker and being a part of the FBI paranormal’s team. Doing paranormal spying, he is part of Kruse’s dream team, a team of individuals who also unique. Kruse believes that Quinn’s trip would be a great field experiment for Quinn and the rest of his team. Reluctant at first, Quinn relents and he departs for Arizona to begin his field work while the rest of the team works from the office in Minnesota. With Hawk, Slim Jim and Candace driving to Arizona, Hawk describes what life was like for the Native Americans, his details specific and informational. Their drive was more fascinating than Quinn’s ride in the aircraft. His forefathers now want to reclaim the land that was once theirs, his passion for their attempts provoke an excitement and fire in Hawk. Hawk is an encyclopedia of knowledge about his heritage and shares whenever he has the chance. In Arizona, Quinn catches up with his team in Minnesota as they do remote viewing from there. He’s worried about his team and the affects of remote viewing but he also wanted to solve this case and get answers about his past. Quinn hopes that his spirit guide will assist him as he tries to find closure. It was quite an adventure, a ride definitely worth taking.
I was given a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest opinion.