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Wolf Wilder

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The Wolf Wilder - Katherine Rundell

I absolutely loved this novel. I tore through these pages like a mad woman. As I slammed the novel shut each time something horrific or startling moved me, my husband would ask, “What happened to the wolves now?” I was enchanted by this story. Mesmerized by the bond between Feo and the wolves, I was fearful that something would split this bond apart, leaving both parties helpless and empty. There was this urgency in this story, an energy pulling me as Feo tried to protect herself and the wolves from the enemy. She was only a child, yet others believed in her, they saw through to her heart and its goodness. I started to think that perhaps this might make a great bedtime story but then I wondered where, oh where would you quit in this book each night as the bedtime hour came closer? Who also could get any sleep as Feo and her wolves contented to survive in a world who viewed wolves as vicious and evil? Wired and with your adrenaline pumped, sleep is not going to happen as your wondered what would happen next.  


In the forest, Feo lived with her mother and these two were wolf wilders. Training wolves back to their wild natural state is what these two would do. Individuals who longer want their pet wolves or who could no longer care for their pet wolves would drop them off at their home in the forest. They lived peacefully until one day when the Imperial Army’s soldiers came and accused their wolves of attacking the tsar’s elk. No one really owned the wolves as they lived in the wild now but since they are seen with Feo and her mother, assumptions are made. Threats are made by the tsar to the family and now Feo and her mother lived in fear.   As a new wolf is left in their care, Feo takes to training her. Running through the forest, training and becoming accumulated to each other, it’s not long before the threats become real and an avalanche of trouble begins. It’s a wonderful adventure and the ties that form are exceptional. Feo gets caught in a blind cold storm, so cold that the saliva from her mouth froze before hitting the ground, so cold that “ it took all the sense out of your brain, couldn’t sit down to think unless you wanted to be found dead in that same place in May.” Feo is a resourceful child; a brave youth who is willing to help even though she might have the right answer. I was cheering for her, urging her on, she had a story to tell, for she was resilient and determined to get her message across. She’s a leader and how old is she? Bravo, bravo …..what a wonderful novel!!!