Why We Took The Car

Why We Took the Car - Tim Mohr, Wolfgang Herrndorf

So why not take the car? I really liked the concept behind this book and I really enjoyed the two main characters but it was the pace of the book that really blogged me down. I had been looking at this book sitting on our library’s shelf for the past couple weeks as I was volunteering and I just couldn’t take the pressure anymore, so I grabbed it. It was calling me. I really wanted to know why they took the car, where they went and who actually “they” were. The story had the making of a great adventure of two outcasts who were just looking for an adventure to call their own and this novel had it, they had an incredible trip, they really did but the pace of the novel was so slow and drawn out, I felt sorry for the two of them.

Mike wanted to be part of the in-crowd, he craves it but he has no friends. Tschick, doesn’t care what people think of him as he arrives at school in the same clothes every day, sometimes intoxicated. His peers are constantly tormenting him. Summer vacation is almost upon them and you knew that somehow the two of them would be united somehow. The freedom that is now granted to these boys does not formulate destruction and trouble, no these boys are calm in nature. The idea for their summer is slowly working out and it is not written in stone, it occurs as they go about their days.   It’s the way they are when they are around each other; you can tell there was something special about their relationship. The boys are relaxed and comfortable, they didn’t have to converse all the time nor were they under pressure to impress each other, and they were content in each other’s company. They’re both knowledgeable sharing their skills and their stories, unfortunately some of the stories sound the same. It was their outlook on the beige people that had me smiling; the people on the bus how their lives used to be young and lively and now they were beige and faded. So, they needed to take the car. Was it right? Probably not but it sure added to their adventure. They were just two teens, trying to create their own adventure, something for the books without getting into too much trouble.