Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear!

[Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear] (By: Don Wood) [published: September, 2004] - Don Wood

Love this! I love little mouse and this sequel is even more precious. Little mouse has to protect his presents from the Big Hungry Bear, but how? Little mouse’s facial expressions are just priceless in this novel! Little mouse tries to cover his presents up with a blanket, next he drags a big heavy chain and lock in and ties that around them but we all know that Big Hungry Bear will do anything to get what he wants. As the story continues, little mouse is frantic on what to do to save his presents from Big Hungry Bear and it is the season of giving and little mouse’s heart is big……little mouse, you are truly a blessing. What a terrific story by Don and Audrey Wood, two of my favorite children’s authors. Big lavishing illustrations with large text and a wonderful story that you’ll want to read over and over again. I’m jumping online right now to buy a copy of this, as it is not just going to be Christmas read for my granddaughter and I.