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The Silent Sister

The Silent Sister - Diane Chamberlain

This was one amazing read! It was a novel where you felt as if you knew that something was coming around the bend but you just didn’t know exactly what or when it was coming. Layer upon layer the story develops encasing the characters into a phenomenal journey, a journey with multiple twists. I found myself standing in the shoes of the main character many times, wondering how this transformation occurred without my acknowledgement and then just absorbing the sights and sounds around me. Inside her shoes, her emotions seized me many times and I felt pulled as I watched her struggle to unravel the unknowns that had entered her life. Riley only wanted closure when she went home to close out her father’s estate but once she got home Riley realized that there were many more doors that had to be opened before she was finished.

Riley’s brother lives in the RV park that her father owned, living in the far corner near the forest. Living a secluded life, Danny blames his childhood and his time serving his country for his lifestyle and his anger. Danny is content with his simple life and that is all he wants from his father’s estate. Riley is hoping that Danny will assist with their father’s estate but there are too many memories lying within the house, memories Danny does not want to recall. With the reading of the will, the novel begins to twist as Riley begins to discover the individual her father really was.   With a fantastic set of characters, different motives, private conversations and a whisper that I felt humming through the novel, this novel will keep you on edge until the very end.