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Emma and the Banderwigh

Emma and the Banderwigh - Matthew S. Cox

Emma doesn’t believe in monsters or faeries but when a young girl stumbles out before her, Emma views of the forest quickly begin to change.   For it was said that the Banderwigh had taken Hannah a decade ago and now standing before Emma, weak and alone, Hannah has suddenly reappeared. Why was Hannah returned and where has she been? Only one person has ever seen the Banderwigh, but their grisly stories have kept individuals from traveling into the dark forest that lines the community. They belong in the gloomy woods, these faerie monsters, as their existence depends on these grave conditions. I thoroughly enjoyed the mystery of these monsters of the forest and the tales of their existence, their uniqueness was entertaining and they provided great opportunities for the characters to show their abilities.   Emma’s innocence provides an excellent starting point for this novel. Emma wasn’t going to fall for the childish stories of faeries and monster, until Hannah walked into her life. Nan’s bedtime stories of potions and princesses were childish stories for Emma’s brother but she quickly was taken by them and loved them. As Emma cares for her brother in the privy late one night, their lantern goes out. An immense shadow came over them and Emma screams. When they awaken, they are not at home. They are not alone. It is true, the stories Emma has heard about the monsters of the forest but now what does she do? As Emma begins to see the world differently, she struggles to accept the changes that are occurring. She has to reach inside herself to find her own strength and to decipher reality from illusion. Her Nan has instructed her and now, Emma must utilize her talents. Her adventures were fantastic; such wonderful writing took me on a wonderful journey to places only my imagination would take me.  

Thank you Curiosity Quills Press and NetGalley for providing me a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest opinion.