Oh Tommy!

The Paper Cowboy - Kristin Levine

"Mom paused, the belt dangling from her hands....Mom was breathing hard, sweat on her forehead, even though it was cold in the room" 


His father enters the space where this chaos is erupting. The dog is barking, his mother is giving Tommy the belt, Tommy's crying and his older sister Mary Lou, who is home on leave from the hospital is screaming at their mother to stop. Will his father finally stand up for him now?


it all transpired when Tommy confessed to giving Mary Lou the rest of her prescription pain meds as he couldn't sit by and watch her suffer. For mothers latest craze was cutting back her dosage afraid of her becoming an addict. Tommy calls her on it, it's all becoming too much for him. Mother needs to practice what she preaches. Tommy, oh Tommy when will you be able to be a boy?