Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty?

Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty?: And Other Notorious Nursery Tale Mysteries - David Levinthal, John Nickle

He’s on the case of some of the most famous nursery tales and he will not give up until the culprit is caught. His name is Police Officer Binky and yes, he is a toad in a suit but does that really matter? From Goldilocks to Humpty Dumpty, you can help Officer Binky as he discusses with the witness the clues that leave them devastated. Are Hansel and Gretel guilty for slamming the door on the witch who kept them in her house made of candy? Did Humpty Dumpty really fall off the wall or did something else happen to make him fall off? A large beanstalk from small beans, an earthquake and an explosion, that goose better lay some golden eggs, if anyone is going to believe this story. There are a few more popular nursery tales inside this children’s book that are sure to delight you. I like the tone of the stories and the illustrations. A sarcastic and humorous tone is accompanied by illustrations that change with each story. Each of the stories features bright colorful illustrations but a few of the stories also have illustrations that are brown and white. Each story has large pictures and also a few pages which are set with comic book square outlines where more text and illustrations illustrate the pages. This is a wonderful and unique storybook.