Ruthless - Carolyn Lee Adams

Talk about intensity! This was another one of those novels where I was screaming at the main character as I felt she was not seeing the whole picture. What I didn’t enjoy was where the flashbacks were inserted into the novel. The flashbacks were valuable as they conveyed important information about the story and the characters but I felt that their placement into the story ruined the intensity of the book. The novel begins with Ruth being lead away in the back of a pickup truck. Tied and bloody, she is alone. Her senses are on high alert. Taking in the sounds, the smells, and trying to feel her way around, Ruth realizes that she is hurt but she cannot get a grip on her situation. Coming to a stop, the man who now stands before her is her father’s former employee. Ruth had him fired and now, this bitter man has some words of his own he shares with her.   Unable to recall his name, Ruth calls him the Wolfman and she realizes she is not his first victim. Alone in the woods, quiet and isolated, my senses are on high alert as the story intensifies. Ruth is determined to survive this ordeal and her wit and determination shows. As the tables turn, I’m about crawling out of my skin as I’m trying to be another set of eyes for Ruth as she’s dealing with securing the Wolfman and tending to her own injuries. I was getting nervous as she was taking too long, way too long as she went about her business and I started feeling panicky for what could transpire even though she thought she knew what she was doing. And then ahh, I knew it wasn’t’ going to be good but it sure made for a terrific ending.