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Sweet Madness

Sweet Madness - Trisha Leaver, Lindsay Currie

Is Lizzie really going mad? She seemed just lonely at the beginning of the novel but when Lizzie gets Bridget alone in the barn, I started to wonder about her mental state. With the tone and the words coming out her mouth, she just didn’t seem like the girl at the beginning of the novel. She was creepy, the coldness of her words, I started to fear for the safety of Bridget and when she started to describe her father’s tools, I didn’t feel she was doing it to protect Bridget, I felt she was showing her true colors and my pace in reading quickly intensified. Lizzie lived with her parents; her father wore heavy boots but their whispers filled the house and cast an eerie presence. Bridget worked for the family; taking the job because it paid a dime more per week and it was closer to Liam. Bridget and Liam had dreams but these dreams cost money, money they were trying to save up together. Bridget thought the money and proximity to Liam was worth the discomfort of the Bordon household. The more Liam heard about the family, the more he tried to convince Bridget to seek employment elsewhere. Lizzie spends most of her day out in the barn next the house, secluded from the rest of the family. In its day, the barn was a house that her uncle’s family resided in. The barn has history and this history is slowly revealed as I read further into the novel and I got to know the family better. As Lizzie takes Bridget inside the now crumbling structure, the stench is horrifying yet Lizzie is not fazed by it. Every day she lives in it and now Bridget is seeing another part of Lizzie. It was an interesting novel, the gradual build up and then the story releases the pieces so you can put it all together.