The Bear Report

The Bear Report - Thyra Heder

Sophie is dreading her homework. She is to write down three things she knows about polar bears to share with her class. Little does she know that within a few minutes, her knowledge of polar bears will be transformed.   After writing down her basic ideas, Olafur magically appears beside her. Shocked to see a polar bear in her house, Sophie is bewildered and she hesitates to follow him when he offers to show her where he lives. The journey begins, as it’s always better to see things in person, as Olafur begins to show Sophie his life in the cold outdoors. The illustrations bring the bleak vast coldness to the forefront with fun images and visuals as Sophie questions Olafur about his lifestyle. The bright colors of Sophie contrast nicely with the white snow and with the off-white shades of Olafur.   Olafur seems amazing large, his fur looks soft and fuzzy, so much that I wanted to hug him and I loved the pages where he is showing Sophie all the sleeping positions that he has. Olafur responses to Sophie’s questions bring educational answers without being dry and preachy and the beginning of a great friendship is emerging. There is much to be discovered beneath the snow, under the water and in the sky where Olafur lives his life and Sophie is beginning to discover that polar bears are more than just big, mean animals that eat things. The ending is sweet and this piece of homework is definitely a do-over.