The Santa Trap

The Santa Trap - Jonathan Emmett, Poly Bernatene

Bradley hates socks. The socks Bradley hates are the ones he receives from Santa every year.  This spoiled child has been getting socks from Santa for years because Santa knows he is a "beastly brat" but Santa is nice and feels everyone should get a present so Bradley get socks every year.  His parents spoil him rotten every Christmas with presents but Bradley does not care about that, he wants presents from Jolly Old Saint Nick and this year he is going to take what he feels he deserves.  Bradley is setting up a trap for Santa so he can steal all the presents.  This trap was spectacular, it was huge, it was extreme and it was devious but would it really work? It takes a lot of work and it takes time and concentration to get it all ready but Bradley is committed and finally he is ready for the big night. It was Christmas Eve and Bradley was anxiously waiting Santa arrival, the night grew long and Bradley was getting cold.  Bradley was not thinking as he decided to warm himself and suddenly his eyes get wide and he realizes what he just did.   But it's too late, what can he do now to stop the action he just put in place?  Great colorful glossy illustration showcase Bradley's antics as he tries to outsmart Santa in this holiday novel.   The ending is comical and his commitment to his task was fun to watch played out in the illustrations and in the writing.