Ribbit! - Rodrigo Folgueira, Poly Bernatene

Love this! I think I have read this children’s picture book at least 4 times in the past 2 days. The pictures are amazing, the font is fantastic and the storyline always puts a smile on my face. I am afraid there will be crying in three weeks, when I have to return it in the library. Let me tell you about the illustrations first as they are huge, bright and just plain silly.   There are the frogs with their funny teeth, their long tongues and huge mouths and the let’s not forget about the other animals. The pig, his head is huge with tiny eyeballs and a little squiggly tail. The other forest animals have big eyes, raised eyebrows and fun facial features. The text is black but the text type and size change throughout the story making the story fun and full of life. The story begins when a family of frogs notices a large pink pig sitting on a rock in their pond. When questioned what he is doing, the pig responds with a, “Ribbit!” The confused frogs’ question the frog why he is acting the way he is but the pig does not change his response. Don’t you love it?   When I asked my granddaughter why the pig said ribbit, she said that he wanted to be a frog. This is another great reason I love this book, it has many great opportunities to engage kids with the text.   As other animals gather at the pond, the confusion grows and they decide they must go ask the wise old beetle what to do.   Leaving the pig, off they go. The wise old beetle decides he must go to the pond to see the pink pig with the others and when they emerge upon the pond, they are all shocked at what they find. I guarantee that this book will leave a smile on your face and you will definitely be reading it over and over again. The pictures are amazing!! Check this children’s book out, we all need a laugh and a smile in our day.