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Keegan's Point

Keegan's Point - H.D.  Smith

Young boys are going to grab this novel off the shelf as inside its pages is an action-packed mystery involving kidnapping, clues, private journals, a mansion and criminals. The story moves rather quickly and it all centers around Charles, a young teen who has just recently completed a report on Keegan’s Point. Mr. Keegan was a billionaire who lived on an island, just off the mainland, who died over a century ago. Excited to go camping with his two best friends, Charles sets off for home to get ready, only he stops as he overhears a phone conversation of some of his mother’s customers. Talking about a trip to Keegan’s Point, Charles become suspicious and believes this man and his accomplices are trouble. Immediately Charles in escorted into their van as the men quickly tie him up and they drive away, Charles has heard too much. Charles has become part of their plan now, although not everyone favors this new idea. The tension is high, the anticipation is sky-rocketing and the whereabouts of Charles is unknown. His mother thinks he’s camping and his friends think he is home. The men feel that Charles is an asset as he has quite a bit of information on the area from writing his report so they question him about space. Inside the mansion, Charles prefers to spend his time locked inside a room, an amazingly smart choice as this gives him time to explore.   Charles’ was just looking for a weekend with his buddies but his weekend is turning out to be much more. I enjoyed the authors writing, the text was smooth and the words flowed which made this novel move quickly. This was an entertaining and exciting journey and the ending was different. Different as in, not as I had expected it to be which caught me off guard and I like that, it was fresh and bold. 4.5 stars

Thank you NetGalley and Wild Fey for providing me a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.