A Fairy Extraordinary Christmas

A Fairy Extraordinary Christmas Story - A.J. York, Gavin Childs

What a fun and delightful story that will definitely put a smile on your face. From small children to older adults, this story brings together the wonder of magic and the love of family that will leave your heart sparkling. Tallulah, the Christmas Fairy was neatly placed into her small box, just waiting for the right family to take her home after being assembled. It’s inside Sarah’s house that the magic begins as Tallulah becomes animated and meets the other living Christmas figures amidst Sarah’s home. They adore being the center of the holiday festivities and it is only when the holiday begins to wind down, that their excitement dwindles and their conversation switches to meeting up with their friends in the attic. I enjoyed the holiday characters: their whole concept of being, their emotions and the energy that they conveyed, as it was felt throughout the whole story. They made the story come alive with their festive and sunny attitudes. Gathered inside the attic, all the holiday characters are not asleep inside their boxes waiting for the calendar pages to change to another month. No, there is too much energy festering and activities amongst the family are changing affecting everyone inside the walls of the house. Boxes, we may think they are just for storing things away but to others they hold treasures and our life. It’s a gem of a story and one definitely worth rereading.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion.