The Wraith of Carter's Mill

— feeling amazing
The Wraith of Carter's Mill - C. Evenfall

This novel runs deep and I loved it in so many ways. The story flashes back between present day and the year 1955 when the curse was first placed upon the family. The women of the family are plagued by the curse only it is not discovered until later exactly how it all fits together and the creep factor keeps this book close at hand as I tried to go about my day forgetting about Ethel and Libby. I tried, I really tried to put the novel down but in the back of my mind, I feared for what was about to transpire and then it festered until I just couldn’t take it any longer and then the story grew and I myself, heard the little man, with his teeth clackin’ clackin’ as he stood before me all dressed in black. As the years past, I wondered who was going to get to the heart of this matter and find out the history of this man, who drained the color from the faces of the individuals who saw him, the innocent females whose faces dripped with tears as the man stood before them. It’s gripping, it’s powerful and I loved every minute of it! I think I might have found a new author to check out.

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.