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Butterfly Dreams

Butterfly Dreams - A. Meredith Walters

She knows she’s sick, she just hasn’t found the right diagnosis yet for all the symptoms she seems to be experiencing. Its’ all these illnesses, there are so many and just reading about them, Corin seems to be suffering from them all and no one can explain why. Beckett’s life was turned around in his mid twenties when he experienced a heart attack. He was a perfectly healthy man, stricken by something festering inside him; it was just waiting for the perfect conditions to make itself know. Beckett’s life will never be the same, he can no longer live his life on the edge, his relationships have changed and so has his outlook on life. It takes time but Beckett finally grabs life and realizes what he still has to offer. It’s his enthusiasm for life that makes his character enjoyable. His new outlook on life, this positive energy and spice for life might be just what he needs to make the most of his life.   As Beckett and Corin stumble upon each other, I start to realize what an unlikely pair they make. I praised Beckett for taking the high road and trying to maintain a positive attitude for his health issues. Corin, the more I read about her and her history, the more I wondered how Beckett would handle the truth about her. Would it anger him that she played this card or would he see that it is also a health issue and have patience with her? The novel had a few interesting moments that I did not see coming as I read. I really enjoyed the novel and the only issue I had was with the butterflies.   I didn’t feel that adding this feature to the novel added anything to it. The story was excellent without them. 4 stars

Thank you Random House Publishing and NetGalley for providing me a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.