Library book sale

I was pretty happy with my first trip today. Lots and lots of people at the sale today, I felt amongst my people. I picked up some reads I have been meaning to grab but now that I own them, they can stare me down and I can get to them sooner, I hope. It was fun talking people into grabbing just a few more books to keep them company over the long winter while I was volunteering today at the sale. It was also amazing how many people just picked up unknown authors willing to give them a go.  It was a Black Friday scene at the children's tables as it was standing room only, as individuals threw books over their shoulders in the boxes behind them, as they plowed through the boxes of books. 


Another volunteer and I were chuckling over some of the titles and since the books were supposed to be boxed according to genre, how some of these books got in the wrong box amazed us. We found lots of "hot" romance titles in with the westerns, these covers featured loosely covered individuals ready for action and we didn't think the action they were looking for was at the coral.  I'm wonderingly if I should go back on Sunday (dud I miss something) .....a box of books for $8.00.........thinking I should.