Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again - Renee Collins

I was intrigued with the synopsis of this novel, as I was wondering how the author was going to pull off a romance between two individuals existing in two different centuries. This novel was more than I expected. I had questions as I read, questions pertaining to the sci-fi aspect of this novel and it was as if the author could read my mind, for later as I was reading I would come across the answers to my questions, sometimes questions so small I thought they were trivia.   The novel begins with Cass being bored on summer vacation with her parents. On their private beach, she discovers a boy named Lawrence who dresses a bit weird and talks a bit strange but he is at least someone she can talk to. Cass and Lawrence begin to meet at the beach on a regular basis, something they both look forward to. One day as they depart, the discussion of where they live is addressed and this blows the novel wide open. Both teens claim the same property, different stories but the same house and the same beach. Preposterous, you might say but not if they are living in different centuries and now the story becomes so interesting that you cannot close the pages. She lives in the present and he lives in the past, their lives have intersected. Everything they do effects the future, a future that has already been cast for one of the parties in this relationship. Their romance was outstanding, patient and enduring. The implications of their romance and of them actually knowing each other reaches out to many areas in their lives, you can’t help but get emotional as these teens experience love.

I received this novel from NetGalley and Sourcebooks Fire in exchange for an honest opinion.