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I read almost every genre & I enjoy venturing into unfamiliar territory. As a library volunteer, I'm constantly bringing home novels. Being a substitute teacher, I read lots of YA & children's books.  

Calling Maggie May

Calling Maggie May - Anonymous

I flew through this book in record time and like other Anonymous novels that I have read, I really enjoyed it.   In this novel, I loved its language, the emotions and the expression of the words as the characters lived their lives. Maggie spirit was caught about a third of the way into the novel and I knew that my morning would be spent with Maggie as she tries to shake off her mother-given image and uncover an image that she feels fits her better.   Written in diary format, Maggie is living in her brother’s shadows and in a perceived notion her mother picked out for her. She wants to be different and hang out with the “cool’ kids but what makes them stick out to Maggie looks good now but when she tries to be like them, the affects become not so pleasing. Maggie has never done anything outside of perfection and befriending Ada, this girl who knows a lot on how to be a bad girl, Maggie is able to conceal this new friendship. Maggie idolizes Ada and Maggie finds her new destructive acts exciting and freeing and soon she finds herself in a world totally different than the world others know her in. Living now in two worlds, I wondered when these two worlds would collide and where Maggie would end up. Maggie’s mind is torn: where does she belong? She knows her mother would be disappointed in her but Maggie is enjoying her new freedom and life that Ada revealed to her yet she also misses parts of her previous life but can she go back and recapture her old life that she used to live in? I was waiting, for it was balancing act and I felt that Maggie could not exist for much longer in both of her worlds, splitting up her life so perfectly between such extreme lifestyles for something had to give. What lifestyle did I want for her? She could comprise both lifestyles but there was no way she could go back to the Maggie that she was at the beginning of the novel, innocent perfect Maggie no longer existed.