Station Eleven

Station Eleven - Emily St. John Mandel

I really struggled with this novel. At first, I thought it was the way the author had us readers traveling back and forth in time before the Georgia Flu struck and wiped out many of the world’s population and then I thought I was confused that I was missing part of the story. The story seemed mundane and wordy at times that I swear I had just read the same text a few pages back. I decided to try sometime new and read a few reviews that had been posted about the novel to see if I had missed something, some important parts and then perhaps maybe I should go back and start the novel over before I continued reading any further. Nope, after checking the reviews I was fine, I had gotten the gist of it and a majority of individuals were singing its praises. This novel just wasn’t cut out for me. There were parts of the novel that were enjoyable; the individuals in the airport, their means of survival and how they joined forces were commendable. I never would have thought about this area to be such a significant self-contained structure. I thought the Prophet was intriguing. There always seems to be one of these individuals when a disaster strikes and he was an interesting person to lead his people. Technology is huge in this novel, not the advances in this field but the loss that the world faces as the disaster strikes. As I look into the future even if a disaster strikes, I view technology as advancing, becoming more sophisticated and stimulating than what we have today as individuals try to overcome the barriers that are placed in front of them but this novel showed me another side of the coin.