Shackled - Tom Leveen

This novel was unique in that I found its pacing was different from other novels in this genre for this age level. I didn’t find the typical rollercoaster emotional swings or the lull in the text that sometimes drags you along as the author sets up the next exciting scene but rather this novel clips along at a consistent pace, keeping me engaged and entertained. I liked this change of pace and I think that other young readers will too as they will be able to engage themselves more into the reading, not lose interest and I feel that they will be able to retain more of what they read. Pelly misses her best friend and she feels alone, the afternoon of Tara abduction will live forever on her mind.   Even after six years, there have been no answers and Pelly can’t handle the loss.   Her job at The Hole was a step toward normalcy and her co-worker was trying to make her transition smoother. It was a normal day at work, Pelly was dealing with her panic attacks and she knew it would just take a bit of time for her to get herself back under control. A customer walked in, a man with a girl in tow. That encounter ignites a fuse in Pelly, the similarities between that teen and Tara was astonishing and Pelly is sure that Tara has returned with her abductor. Alerting the authorities, the questions are now on the table: did Pelly really hear a plea of help from the teen, is this teen really Tara or was this pair a father and daughter out for the day? Pelly doesn’t believe the police are moving fast enough on the case so enlisting the help of her friend at work David; she begins her own investigative work. Pelly is a teen, she thinks like a teen and I enjoyed her approach and her rational thinking as she went about trying to solve the case. She was troubled by the past yet she was determined to put forth an effort and she’s no expert. There is something between Pelly and David, it subtle, it’s innocent and they don’t know it’s happening until it is there. It’s a great novel that did not disappoint.