Placebo Junkies

Placebo Junkies - J.C. Carleson

They know the system, they know which boxes to check on the forms and which line to stand in for the best payoff, for this gamble that they are taking with their lives is all worth it.   For money is the reward and cash is king.   Their physical and mental states are at risk, but for now that doesn’t matter, for there are other things more important and their eyes are set on them.   The sky is the limit for Charlotte; her date book is filled for she’s going for quantity. Audie is following in her friend’s footsteps until she realizes how far her friend is taking this commitment. Audie falls deep and I immediately loved her character. She’s wants to be everything rolled into one person yet she is only human. A human on an open track. The seriousness of this profession, these individuals who sign up for drug studies and misrepresent themselves through this process for the cash payout amazed me. How they can subject themselves to pills, knives and medical treatments just to obtain cash while harming their bodies was an eye-opener to me as I read the novel and marveled at the lives of Charlotte and her so-called friends.   Many people had be turned down because of these fraudulent individuals and their “perfect” forms and the author touched on this subject as these individuals worked the system and became another set of the bodies who would need medical treatment. Such an eye-opener and a book that had me scratching my head a few times, wondering what in the heck is happening. The characters created their own world, a world I wondered if I was even a part of as I read along. It’s a drug world, a world they chose to be a part of and a world that was consuming them. It was an enlightening, creative read and it definitely changed my view of the world.


I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Knopf Books for Young Readers in exchange for an honest opinion.