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Ugly - Margaret McHeyzer

I loved this book! I was living inside the pages of this novel when the book was closed and my mind should have been elsewhere. I could not turn this book off and even now as the final pages have been turned, I am still thinking of the characters and the road that they traveled. Lily’s journey amazed me, many times I was screaming at the novel as I got carried away with the predicament that she was facing and the choices that she was making. I wanted perfection and she was choosing survival.  Her journey began when she was 12 when her father began to verbally and physically abuse her. What she remembers of her mother were not happy memories that a child should recall but negative recollections of insults. The story is painful to read because Lily believes the words her parent’s spoke about her. Lily: ugly, stupid and useless. It made me feel as if Lily had a ball and chain around her leg for if anything was off, her father would come at her and Lily always felt on edge. His words and beatings were relentless, harsh and consistent and I cringed every time he even looked at her. Lily sees hope in Trent but his actions started to creep me out after about the first couple pages. So many times in this book, I was an emotional wreck; the character of Lily was pulling at me and dragging me all over the place.   Lily was reacting exactly how I would expect someone in her situation to behave, I applaud the author on a job well done. Lily tries to get her life together with positive influences but it becomes hard, as her past keeps interfering with her future. It’s hard to undo years of negative thoughts when it’s been rooted deep inside for years. Lily finds a few friends and their journeys are quite incredible also. There are ups and downs, it’s a roller coaster of emotions and I am not ready to unbuckle my seatbelt and get off yet as Lily attempts to see who she really is and what she is capable of doing.

Thank you NetGalley and Book Enthusiast Promotions for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion.