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We Never Asked For Wings

We Never Asked for Wings: A Novel - Vanessa Diffenbaugh

The world is an enormous place with big responsibilities as you get older. These obligations get immense when you bring two children into the world and for Letty, she would rather not have to deal with these obligations or make choices for its too complicated. She’s been sliding by for years, relying on her parents to raise her children but when they abruptly return to Mexico, Letty must now learn to be a parent. No longer able to rely on her parents, Letty must learn to navigate on her own and make decisions that will affect her children’s future. Like all parents, Letty wants the best for her children but the means in which she tries to obtain them is not honest. Children are like sponges and Letty’s children are no different, for her actions result in her children following in her footsteps. Her children mean no harm; they just want what is best just like their mother. Letty’s older son Alex is almost 15 and although he thinks he knows the identity of his father, Letty has not been honest with him about it. As the two of them share what they know, Alex learns the identity of his father and I loved how Wes played a role in the novel. He didn’t dominate the male status but he shares it with Rick as Letty again has to deal with choices in her life, choices she needed to make on her own. There were a few stories within the novel, these accounts run alongside each other throughout the novel which allows you to see the whole picture, how everyone is connected.