I Crawl Through It

I Crawl Through It - A.S. King

Everyone has their own coping mechanism; it’s how you make through life. The characters in this novel, their means were extraordinary and eccentric but they worked for them. They survived another day and somehow, they did it together and amazing no one really saw them, I mean really saw them. No one reached out to them as they went about their day. This novel was amazing, it made me laugh, there were moments of warmth and compassion and there was reality when you peeled back the layers of what was really happening inside the characters and their lives. They were living life the best that they could with what they had and it was not my world to judge what they were seeing or how they were behaving for I haven’t walked in their shoes, I would only walk with them and enjoy the path that they were on. Each of the characters faces pressures and it is how they deal with these pressures that concerned me the most. It wasn't who put these pressures on the teens but how they were dealing with the stress on their lives. Again, A.S. King pushes her readers to another level of reading, these characters actions and thought processes are not traditional or on the straight and narrow, they go beyond…….coming up with stories that pulled at my imagination and made me appreciate the uniqueness of the individual that we all are.   It’s a chaotic world that we all live in, and as individuals we all learn to live in it as we see fit.